The House of Soirée


Soirée Cosmetics is a cosmetic niche brand of innovative lip products since 2017. It was founded by two 18-year-old entrepreneurs- Susanna Michalek and Marta Adamska in early 2016.

„Our aim is to deliver a product that we stand 100% behind. We were 18 years old when we started working on a nameless project, that eventually turned out to become Soirée, so while we had the privilege to be able to buy not only drug store cosmetics for our use, but also choose from the premium brands’ assortment, we were fed up with the lack of cosmetic products that would provide for our need, neither in the department store, nor in the drugstore segment. Soirée is not only an ambition of two teenagers, but first and foremost it is a flagship institution for quality and honesty with which we approach our customers. The ingredients used for the production of our products are carefully selected compounds which end up combined into our goal in liquid form with an applicator attached- the perfect matte liquid lipstick.“

-Susanna Michalek


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